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About the artist

Davor Bosnic, born 1988 is a figurative artist from Sweden. He prefers painting in oil medium on mostly large scale canvases. His paintings are often closeup portraits of female faces.

Davors main source of inspiration is  characteristics of the human face, his main objective is to create feelings, he uses the eyes as an important storytelling element in the subject matter that makes us rise questions and emotions. His female faces are known to give the viewer a ride in movement, balance and harmony. His ambition is to create eccentric models and fierce flashes weaving it together with abstractions that creates harmony.

Davor has exhibited across Sweden and his work has been sold all over Scandinavia. His last solo exhibition was in Gothenburg, Sweden.



200605-200704   Värnamo Gummifabriken

220416-220417  Gothenburg Galleri Lang " Påskparaden"

220429-220518   Solo exhibition Gothenburg Galleri Kim Anstensen

220519-220522   Konst & Antikmässan Stockholm

220812-220814 Galleri Lang "Kullaweek"

230218-230301  Solo exhibition Stockholm Galleri Nordic Art